12 secrets to a powerful healthy vagina.

Not every woman really knows the right way to care for her vagina. How do you wipe down there after you pee or poo? Are you doing it right? You might be Shocked to know you’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

Alot of females practice bad vaginal hygiene and are too embarrassed to ask questions about the right technique. I am here to ease your embarrassment and provide you with a very proven accurate information. Below are 12 easy tips for a healthy vagina.

1). Please wear 100% cotton underwear. Stay away from nylon or polyester etc.

2). Do not use soap for your vagina, you can use a mild soap for the labia majora and labia minora (the outer parts). Soap throws off the natural ph level of your vagina.

3). Wipe from front to back whenever you urinate or poo. Baby wipes are better and cheaper. It does a better job than toilet paper.

4). Do not use insert dirty Fingers or any dirty foriegn object inside your vagina.

5). Eat probiotic yogurt or supplement, eat fruits. Above all, maintain a good healthy diet.

6). Wear breathable clothing.


7). Do not use powder or perfume down there. Your vagina doesn’t need to smell like candy.

8). Do kegel exercises regularly. This helps to strengthen the vaginal muscles.

9). Do not go to bed with underwear on. Allow the vagina to breathe.

10). Drink at least 6 bottles of water daily.

11). Shave your pubic hair .

12). If you are the type that sweats alot down there, carry a spare underwear with you.

It is important to schedule a vaginal exam with your doctor if you find any abnormalities.
Thanks for reading.

Model : Helena Nelson.

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