16 things every young lady should know before age 30.

Have you ever heard the saying “age comes with lots of wisdom?” Trust me, that is some serious truth. Not every young lady was privileged to know about this information I’m about to share with you now girl. Count yourself lucky if you are reading this.

A Facebook friend named ‘Omoby’ made a status update on Facebook. She asked for us to share “what types of advice to give to younger ladies.” I made a comment sharing these recommendations for every young lady out there. I believe these are some serious and important core values needed.

1). Build your own financial stability.

2). Get an education.

3). Learn a skill.

4). Travel to different places if you can afford it.

5). Go on dates ( you can go on dates without having sex dear).

6). Educate your self about investment with the bank. You can start investing with $10 a month. If you are in Africa, invest small amounts that will not hurt your pocket. Make sure you do it with a bank. Focus on long term financial goals.

7). Own a property or car if you can afford it. You can get involved by paying a monthly plan with credible companies. Don’t be scared, you can do it darling. Make the call or book an appointment with a financial advisor. You will be shocked to see what you are capable of.

8). Fall in love with yourself, know who you are and build your confidence. Listen to me young lady, you are dope! Okuurrr????


9). Build strong female friendships.

10). Make friends with people that are doing better than you so that you can learn from them. Ask them questions and study them.

11). Don’t fall under pressure to get married.

12). Be patient. Don’t rush to have kids right after marriage. Enjoy your partner!

13). Research for information and ask for help from professionals before you make a decision you are not sure about.

14) Don’t be ignorant. Research anything you are blind about. Knowledge is POWER!!

15). Don’t focus on extended family. Focus on yourself first and build yourself. They will call you selfish, that’s ok. With time, they will adjust.

16). Don’t pretend to any man. If you are lazy, let him know from the start that you are lazy. If you don’t like cooking, show that to him. Do not try to be someone else because you wanna be tagged “wife material.” You will be miserable. JUST BE YOURSELF.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you take the time to reflect on yourself and where you currently are in life. Do not make the mistake of comparing your life to some else’s. You are valuable, and you are ENOUGH!

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