5 effective ways to help kids prevent & stop procrastinating.

Procrastination is a silent dream killer. I call it a time sucker. It is enjoyable with bad consequences like “failure” and “delay” most times. It is a “time waster”, PERIOD!

Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t where they are supposed to be in their career or education simply because of procrastination. It is a very convenient way to escape important tasks.

Why do we procrastinate?
Two things. Laziness and fear are the two main causes. These factors affect kids too.

How do we help our kids to overcome procrastination?
Over the years, I have used these 5 powerful tips that works extremely well. If you follow everything I share here, you will see a remarkable shift.

1. Be a good role model. Kids watch everything their parents do. Sometimes it is a struggle. I constantly have to remind myself that my kids are watching. If you are supposed to do the laundry at a particular time, try to keep to that time. Don’t just sit around doing nothing. If you can’t keep to the time, make sure it is something more important taking your time from doing the laundry.


2). Teach them to write down their task and goals : It could be as easy as “what time to fold their clothes” . A list of daily task and goals is an effective way to start.

3). Zero distractions. This is where “play time and screen time”should be on a strict schedule . When kids have no distractions, they focus better and will easily complete their tasks.

4). Rewards : Offer small rewards to the kids. It should be something that will inspire them or educate them and something that they enjoy doing..

5). Encourage them to do things “now” . For example, when they come back from school, encourage them to empty their school bag now, take off school clothes now, wash hands now, do homework now, start working on projects now, they should make their bed first thing in the mornings. Give them task with a time limit. Don’t entertain “I will do it later” . That’s how procrastination starts.

Adults can also use these strategies. I hope this helps someone out there. Feel free to add any other strategies that works for you.

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