This just happened.

My 6yr old daughter drew a unicorn. Her 12 years old brother was about to make remarks about her drawing. She quickly hid her work. I immediately told her to never hide her work from nobody. If anyone says a mean thing about her work , calls her bad names, she should tell them ” she is better and smarter than them and they just hating 🙄🙄. I explained to her that not everyone will appreciate or value her work. That’s life. But the most important thing is for her to “believe in herself and her work “. Tate Cheetah Boy cut right in….

My son: Mom can I say something? There is a difference between a confident kid and a stuck up over confident kid .

Mom what you just taught my sister right now is to be a stuck up over confident kid. She’s gonna have a problem with that in high school and later on.


Instead of her telling a rude critic or naysayer she is smarter than them because they bash her work in a demeaning way, she should simply tell them “thats their opinion , and it really doesn’t bother her” . You can show kindness with words and still pass on a very strong message. .

Me : thank you son!

We have to Learn to listen to our kids. I should have known better. But hey, I don’t always have the right answers right on the spot 🤷‍♂️. I thought to share this with you. Children have wisdom too. Give them a chance to correct you. And apologize when you wrong them.

Thank you for reading.

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