What is a FEMINIST?
A FEMINIST is a person that supports feminism. What is FEMINISM? Gender equality! That’s it. Simple!

Most parents are so focused on raising their daughters to be outspoken and to know how to fight stereotypes, learn self-love and confidence. Then we end up forgetting about the boys. Boys need to be taught feminism just like we teach our girls. We need more boys who are FEMINIST. If we don’t teach them, society will teach them patriarchy. And that is difficult to unlearn.

I had a conversation with my son a while ago. He was concerned about how the media constantly talks about empowering the girl child. He mentioned that girls have so many resources out there to help them grow into strong and self-sufficient adults with tools to face today’s challenges. They are taught resilience too. On the other hand, there are limited resources for boys.

Parents need to pay attention to the boys too. We have to give the same information to both boys and girls when teaching “equality.”

I have gathered some tips to help guide you on how to raise a feminist son below. Remember to always show equality at home. You have to practice what you preach.

1). Allow him to be himself. Stop imposing gender roles on your sons. Allow him to be himself. Children need to follow their interests to reach their full potential.

2). Teach him to be domesticated: Teach him to do house chores and cook. Cooking is a life skill and should be mandatory for him. He should learn how to do groceries and bargains. Teach him to shop smart just like you teach the girls. Laundry should be a fun thing. Teach him to take out the garbage. He should be equally competent in the home as we always expect our daughters to be.

3). Healthy Relationships: Teach him to make friends with both boys and girls. Teach him that healthy relationships are not gender-specific. When kids start segregating by sex, this can drastically encourage gender stereotypes.


4). Teach him to be assertive: We want our boys and girls to be assertive. Be careful how you treat your kids when you correct them. We don’t want to raise passive or aggressive kids. Remember, they are a reflection of you. Teach the kids about respect and consent.

5). Speak up against injustice: Teach your boys to not be a bystander. They must speak up when they see someone getting bullied. Redirect them when they use demeaning words, offensive or disrespectful to others.

6). Teach him to love himself: self-love is the best love. When you love yourself, nobody can intimidate you.

7). Encourage them to read about men and women. They should read books about great men and women. They should be familiar with the information about the extraordinary things both men and women have done.

8). Teach him to care for others: we must teach our boys to learn how to babysit. The age of babysitting is 13 years old if he is responsible. You should know if your kid is responsible or not.

9). Allow him to cry: Parents always tell the boys not to cry. They end up growing up hiding so many hurt inside because they were told not to cry. Internalizing emotions is not strength.

10). Respect people’s opinion irrespective of gender. Teach them that a girl’s opinion is as important as a boy’s opinion.

Thanks for reading.

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