Fire department just left my house.

It is 0100am . Fire department just left my house.

Hubby travelled 2days ago, and I have caused enough chaos in the past few days. I got home from work, sat down to do some social media catching up. I heard a funny noise. I turned off my old “grandma” laptop , and my son’s art digital wacom. The noise still continued. Haa! I ran upstairs to trace the noise, no luck, I went to the basement, nothing. It sounded like it was coming from inside the wall and ceiling in the dinning area . So I ran upstairs to get my kids, this was about 1220am. I dialed the non emergency police number. They adviced me to call 911 fire department that it could be an electrical problem. What???? That means my house will be on fire anytime soon. Tufiakwa!

Me and the kids went inside the car to wait for them .I parked far away out of fear, incase the house explodes . In less than 10minutes, they arrived with their fine bodies and big truck ?.


They searched for the noise and found the noise coming from this toy on the picture above. The battery was weak, hence the loud noise. How did I miss that? It was right in front of me the whole time. Oh my goodness ?. I wished the ground would open up and swallow me ?. Atleast they ended up checking around the house to make sure all the alarms works fine.

I was so embarrassed, gosh! (shame dey catch me) . Now I know to check for weak batteries next time.

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