Kids are very familiar with the use of profanities as early as age 7. Surprised??

Every home is different and unique. We all have different parenting styles. That’s why it is almost impossible to guard your kids from hearing bad words outside.

I told my kids to always come to me or dad whenever they hear their peers use words they don’t understand. We tell them to pretend like they understand. When they come home, ask mommy or daddy. We will never judge them but coach them with love instead. The reason we tell them that ,is so they don’t get wrong information from their peers. I mean, we as parents can’t always filter what our kids hear outside the home. When you have an open conversation with your kids daily after school, you will be amazed at the type of conversations that goes on at school during play time .

Kids with older siblings know quite alot more. That’s why Parents should be cautious of the activities that goes on in the house. Everything including TV and books content should be age appropriate for each child respectively.

There are some words you don’t even know the meaning of, but your little kids have heard about in school from their peers.

Open communication with your children will help you get some information about the type of things they hear outside of your home, and that will give you a baseline to help you equip them with the right information.

Be vigilant!


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