Large Family? Not For Me!!!

I Love parenting. But, how do people really cope with 5kids or more? I mean, that must be hardwork ?. No disrespect though, and I totally respect their decision.  I have just 2kids and it feels like I have 10 of them. As they grow older, My shouting gets louder and stronger. I think my voice just hit puberty because of the constant screaming . It’s sounding more matured these days.. Was this what I also did to my parents? When you tell them eat fast, that is the time they turn to a snail. And this is supposed to be the time to start building them into becoming responsible adults. It does not get any easier as they grow older. You start showing tough love. They will hate you for saying “no” to so many things.
I really respect teachers too. I will go crazyyyyy if I was a teacher ??. But don’t forget that teachers do not raise your kids. Some parents forget that.
I heard it gets worst when they get to teenage years because they are trying to figure out themselves at that time. Well, I am Nigerian by birth, our parents do the figuring out for you? (I wont do that of course, well maybe a little tiny bit ?).
I am keeping away all my heels and cute little dresses for now .. Make we dey dig am dey go { Let us keep working on this thing called “parenting”}. Some parents brag that their kids are always angels 100% of the time. Una wehdone oh { well, thanks}. Shebi your kids fell from Jesus sweet tummy? They never ever drive you nuts? Ok, continue!
Abeg {please} where is my wrapper ? Let me tie on my chest. HAINNNN!!!!!!

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