Sex And Marriage.

Sex is to be enjoyed in marriage. It is not only made for procreation.  What is sex without an orgasm? Here are some tips on how to get your sexy groove back on in your marriage.

  1. Send a sexy text message through out the day. Follow up with real actions when you get home. Do not be disappointed if your spouse does not go with the flow. Continue, eventually, he or she will dive in the party.
  2. Make arrangements for a night time alone without the kids. You need your freedom and zero interruptions to scream the roof down.
  3. Make love at an unexpected time and place. Sex becomes boring when you do the same thing at the same place always.
  4. Take a shower together. Warm water and slippery soap, oh la la!
  5. Initiate sex. Girl, please sex is not only meant to be initiated by your husband, who made that rule? Jump on your property darling.
  6. Dance romantically together and kiss passionately… I need my husband right now lol!
  7. Practice moving your body in sensual ways. Do not be a stick, move what your mama gave you.
  8. Touch and explore your wife’s body. Good sex is not only penetration, foreplay and more foreplay is the beginning of wisdom.
  9. Worship each other’s body. Tell your spouse how sexy they look, let them know and feel you are ready to devour their body.
  10. Relax your mind. Forget about all the bills for now, just relax and enjoy your spouse. A divided mind, cannot enjoy sex.
  11. Do you have low libido? check for blog post here.

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