My son has a message for all parents. I really secretly wished he would love to do a podcast or youtube ( he doesn’t let me record him). This was our conversation 👇.

Son: mom your main audience are parents, right?

Me: yea

Son: ok, school is about to start now. Tell them to teach their kids about bullying. How to handle a bully, what to do , how to report it and take actions. I find alot of kids no matter how book smart they are, lack the skills on how to react when bullied.
Some kids get scared to report it to an authority. And some kids don’t wanna hurt their friends feelings or break the ” friendship code” . Some kids wanna be associated with the “cool kids” .

The teachers do not elaborate anti bullying tactics enough because they have alot more to worry about. A parent will do more explanation with love and will be more impactful.


Me : Wow, you are dropping real gems boy. Can you please make a video for me?? Or post this on your website.

Son: nahh, you do it. Just pass on the message to parents. It’s very important.


Do not underestimate your kids. LISTEN TO THEM! I will bring in a professional to teach us how to teach this to our kids the right way. We have to equip them . Follow my fb page so you don’t miss this vital information recorded live. Stay tuned.

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