“The Perfect Wife”

Men are complianing, It’s so hard to find the “Perfect African wife”.
To Some, below ? are the qualities of a “good wife”.
Over the years, I have read a lot of comments and post online from Africans . Some real life discussions have exposed me to their mentality as well. I have come to realize that most African men would prefer a naive woman. She can be educated, but not street smart. She must be extremely submissive to the point of giving him all her earnings, investments, and not able to make any decisions related to her well-being without the permission of her ” king husband”. Some women quit good jobs because the husband said so.
A good African wife has to cook fresh foods three times daily, keep the house tidy daily, keep the kids clean, do the laundry, grocery shopping, take care of the husband , and the list goes on. All these without any assistance from the ” husband”. After doing all this, she is expected to be ready for sex at night or anytime of the day without any complains. Remember he “king husband” owns her body.
The good African wife is expected to please everyone related to her husband. His friends and family members, both immediate and extended. She is expected to readily inconvenience herself to accommodate them anytime, anywhere . Even when they upset her, she dares not speak to challenge them because her opinion does not matter. She must always wear a smile even when she is upset. She has to please everyone and displease herself .
The good African wife is expected to have no friends and keep minimal contact with her own blood family (Remember she is now married to the man and his whole family ). She must have no life outside the walls of her home. If she looks sexy , flashy and beautiful, everyone suspects she is a cheat. In that case, a good wife that dresses covered up with no makeup, can never cheat.
A virtuous African wife is very patient and prayerful. Even when you hit her, strangle her, cheat on her repeatedly, abuse her emotionally , physically and financially, she will be praying for her husband’s repentance with so much patience and love involved .
A perfect African wife will cook and give her husband food to eat, warm water to bath, massage his feet and waist when he returns from his side chick’s house.
A very very good African wife will open her yansh (vagina} wide and sleep with her husband without A condom knowing fully well that he is a ” community penis” and cheerful sperms donor.


Our grandmothers were married forever because they chose to be deliberately oblivious . You think they were happy then? No, they were just ignorant and managing .
The millennial woman is unwilling to tolerate this . Hence the increased rate of divorce and separation . What can we do to make our future men and women better? Let’s raise them well starting from today. It all starts with you the parent. The men who search for these type of ” good women” ☝, where raised by men that treated their mothers like this. To them, this is a norm. There are good men out there that were raised by real kings and Queens.
I am not this perfect “African wife”. I am good enough . A realistic sensible husband knows damn well that a good woman is not defined by this ☝. If you live like this in your marriage, please seek professional help. This ☝ is not right. . You have lost your sense of self and need help.
To all the good African men out there that treat their wives as a fellow human being, you are awesome ?.

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