Use This Easy Trick To Make Your Kids Tidy Up Fast Like A pro.

I used to wonder how some parents kept their house so spotless. I told my kids I love dirt these days, with a smirk on my face, they were shocked. I was so tired of screaming “tidy up your toys”, and especially when I had relatives and their kids over. What I started doing, was to add my own stuff on the floor too, and I would grab my phone pretending to call their friends for a playdate . Oh they knew that would not be cute, and I am capable of doing it. The speed they used in cleaning up afterwards, was magical  . You know  what? Your kids need to know when you are serious and not joking at all. .
I would whisper, let us all be dirty mbok! One big dirty family . Now I don’t have to remind them anymore. This strategy worked for me. What other strategy do you use?
Never forget , consistency is key! Sigh!

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