Who Are Your Friends?

Who are your friends?

I ran into an old friend at an event about a yr ago. She was with another friend of hers. She looked so beautiful and well put together. I really admired her beauty and outfit.
It was time for us to take a picture, she refused. But She took over 40 pictures of herself, i swear to God. She hated every single one of them. She complianed about her arms, face, belly and so many other things that we all do complian about. I was so sad because all I could see was a beautiful woman . I mean, I feel that way sometimes, but the people around you can make a difference.
Meanwhile, her so called friend did not say anything to help boost her friend’s confidence. She was more concerned about herself taking nice pictures and body shaming her friend with non verbal signs.
I tried my best to help her find her best side and try different poses until she was satisfied. She finally found one she liked ?, although she still failed to post her picture even after promising me she would…. Till today, no updated picture.


What i’m i trying to say here? There are friends that love to outshine you. They wanna dim your light. It doesnt have to be this scenerio ☝. It could be in your career, business, anything at all. Even on Social media, there are friends that will never comment or like your stuff. But when it comes to a post to put you down and publicly shame your grammer or your opinion, they will be so quick to type. Pay a close attention to the people around you online and offline. How do they make you feel?
Women, please love yourself. We all have flaws. You are so beautiful. Nobody is perfect, nobody is complete. Choose friends that will uplift you. Not the ones that will make you feel low. A competitive friendship is unhealthy.
Its important you know!

Remember, You are all shades of amazing!

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