Why do people care if you tag or don’t tag your spouse?. Unbelievable! I think this should be a personal choice.

There was a TREND going on social media about “women who don’t tag their husbands, are insecure.” I mean, I am aware there are other things in the world to worry about. But here we are talking about tags on social media, lol. That’s what makes the world interesting, right?.


People believe ‘not tagging’ your spouses means you are insecure because…
1. You think your spouse will cheat on you.
2. You assume it will cause exposure of dirty secrets. i
3. Unnecessary drama.
4. It may create room for Unsolicited advice.

These are some of the many understandable and valid reasons, but not everyone that doesn’t tag their spouse has to necessarily go through these things.

The reason why people tag their spouses is that…..
1. They show that they have a trusting relationship.
2. They are confident their spouse will not cheat on them
3. They have nothing to hide.
4. They have a perfect relationship.
5. They are a public figure

These are also some of the many understandable and valid reasons, but not everyone that tags their spouse has to necessarily feel this way.

Will I tag my husband on social media? NOPE! If that is your definition of insecurity, let me be INSECURE. Do I have something to hide? Absolutely not! I don’t just want people all up in my business. It is a personal choice.


If you choose not to tag your spouse, that’s your choice. DO NOT feel bad because the majority of people on Facebook think otherwise. If you tag, that’s your choice too.
You have to study AND understand your social media to know if tagging is necessary or not.

In the past, some people sent requests to my dad when I tagged him on father’s day. I didn’t care about it because I thought they needed his business services. Did that happen? Nope! I would say it’s ok to send a request to a Facebook friend’s tagged relative or spouse if it’s a business-related Facebook account. I mean that’s understandable… But you see the type of people that send a request to your tagged spouse, your relatives and your colleagues, even when they see the account is private, and they know there is nothing to learn from the account, that’s pretty strange to me. It is nosy. YES!

I had a Facebook friend that went through my friend list and added a lot of my male friends, and some of my husband’s Facebook friends too. I had no problem with that initially. But I had a problem when I later found out she was sending the men private messages and using my name as a reference to pitch her dating prospects without my consent. I was not happy about it. There are so many other strange stories I read online too.

Truth is, some people will find your spouse from the comment section and send them a friend request even though you don’t tag them. However, It all comes down to respecting boundaries and the intent behind the request sent. It also depends on your spouse. Some will accept, and some will decline. We know it’s social media, but there should be boundaries regardless.

Some husbands and wives will not get a friend request even when tagged. Some will get a lot of requests when tagged. So it all depends. At the end of the day, do what works for your peace of mind and your family.

Note; It is not only women who choose not to tag. Some men do not use tags for the same reasons mentioned above. Not because they have something to hide. You can tag all you want and still be a jerk.

Tag or not tagging of your spouse has absolutely nothing to do with INSECURITIES. It is a personal choice. We should all respect other people’s choices. I respect you for tagging your spouse, and I also respect if you choose not to tag your spouse.

What about you? Do you tag your spouses?

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